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Nik Berg

Nik is a native Tulsan and a graduate of Broken Arrow High School.  He later attended Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow where his degree is in business administration.

Nik comes from a background where family, faith, and business were priorities.  He is a devout Christian from a Christian home.  Early in his life the Berg family moved to Sweden to serve as missionaries, spending three years there before returning stateside to live in Tulsa once again. Through this experience, he learned the importance of serving others and holding true to his principles.

Studying business and working in his family’s small business has taught him the importance of hard work. It is an element he knows will be invaluable as he pursues legislation that will aid other small businesses and encourage growth and competition to expand Oklahoma’s economy. He has learned that regulations have an enormous impact on the fate of small businesses, and he will work to create a welcoming environment in which those businesses can thrive.

Nik has been actively involved in the local Republican party, is currently a Republican precinct chairman in Tulsa County, and has volunteered for current conservative Oklahoma elected officials.

Nik’s life background has given him a unique perspective with values such as hard work, persistence in pursuing dreams, commitment, dedication and responsibility that he will carry with him into the legislature.


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As the most conservative member of the Senate, I know how important it is to elect strong conservative Republicans like Nik who understand the importance of defending our freedoms. He is not afraid to answer the tough questions and tackle the pressing issues. I have...

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I’m running to serve you and will lead by example to bring more accountability and transparency to government.” – Nik Berg

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As a young conservative himself, Nik has worked to expand the republican Party by getting more young people involved. Nik has the optimism and insight to help solve the problems of the 21st Century and he will work tirelessly for the people of Oklahoma. Nik has a...

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