Oklahoma District 75
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Nik believes in lowering the tax burden on families and small businesses, providing them with additional revenue to use at their discretion.  This will allow people to save more and use those resources to provide for their families, stimulate the economy and achieve greater success. Additionally, taking initiatives like reducing the state income tax will help Oklahoma compete with neighboring states and will generate more revenue to support the core functions of government.  These ideas will promote a business-friendly environment that will bring more jobs to Oklahoma.

Small Business:

Nik believes in an economy that generates more jobs and allows small businesses to flourish, and will pursue policies that support these goals.  Growing up in a small business family has taught him the virtue of the hard work required to be successful.  He also knows that when small businesses thrive, Oklahoma thrives.  Nik has the insight to pursue solid policies that will assist small businesses and help diversify the economy across the state of Oklahoma. These priorities will ensure that more jobs become available and that people are able to grow and increase in their business environment.

2nd Amendment:

As a gun owner himself, Nik feels strongly that free people should have the right to defend themselves.  Because he believes in each person’s right to self-defense, he will take a pro-2nd Amendment approach in the legislature.  He will work to ensure the safety of all Oklahomans and protect every law-abiding citizen’s God-given right to self-defense.


Nik is 100% pro-life.  He believes that every human life is precious and will uphold the right of an unborn child to live.  Because of this, he will pursue legislation that protects the lives of the unborn and provides the opportunity for them to live up to their full potential.


As a graduate of Oklahoma’s public school system, Nik knows the importance of a solid education and believes in reforms that will make the system work even better.  Those reforms include ensuring that education funds do not go to bureaucrats, but to classrooms to use as they see fit.  Ensuring a quality education will remain crucial for him in the legislature and will be dealt with in a way that keeps students and teachers as the top priority.

Criminal Justice Reform:

Nik will remain tough on violent crime, and will support measures that bring justice to those involved in such heinous acts.  At the same time, he will work to propose reforms for policies regarding low-level offenses.  Doing so will allow for rehabilitation and second chances for people charged with such crimes, and will deter repeat offenses from occurring.  Additionally, such reforms will save more taxpayer dollars and redirect funds to rehabilitation programs that will keep crime from reoccurring.


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As the most conservative member of the Senate, I know how important it is to elect strong conservative Republicans like Nik who understand the importance of defending our freedoms. He is not afraid to answer the tough questions and tackle the pressing issues. I have...

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I’m running to serve you and will lead by example to bring more accountability and transparency to government.” – Nik Berg

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As a young conservative himself, Nik has worked to expand the republican Party by getting more young people involved. Nik has the optimism and insight to help solve the problems of the 21st Century and he will work tirelessly for the people of Oklahoma. Nik has a...

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